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In Their Words, In Their Voice

What better way to preserve messages from your friends and family on your special day than actually hearing their voice deliver a heartfelt message, fun memory, or a tidbit of wisdom for a happy marriage.


Choose from one of our phones and have your guests record a personal message for the bride and groom. The messages can be preserved digitally for you to enjoy for years to come.  


We can’t wait to hear what your guests have to say!

A Clever Spin on a Classic Icon

Chatterbox Rentals offers a fun and unique vintage style British "Call Box” for weddings, retirement or birthday parties, or other special events.


Choose from two packages with optional add-ons for a unique and custom look.

How It Works

Just send us a recorded greeting for your guests and we'll take care of the rest! 


The Chatterbox will be delivered and setup at your event’s indoor location with your greeting loaded onto the phone of your choice. During the event your guests will enter the booth, pick up the handset, listen to your personalized greeting, and leave their message for you. After your event we will retrieve the messages and return them to you on a custom engraved flash drive. ​

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